Let the world be a reflection of Heaven

God’s promises make no exceptions. And He guarantees that only joy can be the final outcome found for everything (w-292).

The minute you allow the voice for God, the Holy Spirit, to guide you, you will be moving into an experience of happiness. This is God’s promise being experienced even in the dream of form and separation. 

Letting go of your ego-judgments and ego-thoughts means that you let The Holy Spirit be the designer of your perception. You let Him make the story about what you experience in this world. He will show you a world that is the reflection of Heaven. This will comfort you and make you happy. This will move you from a dream of fear to a happy dream.

It is still a dream because you only see through your perception. But when you let go of your own thoughts the Holy Spirit can control your perception, and He will make sure that what you perceive is a reflection of Heaven. 

A happy outcome of all things is sure when you trust your source. This is true even in this world because the laws of God rule your mind and because you let God speak to you through the Holy Spirit. 

The outcome is now. It is not something you have to deserve. Or something that will come with time. The outcome is guaranteed now.  This means that you must step aside, lay all your own thoughts away and make space for the Holy Spirits voice. Then you will experience that the outcome is now, that happy outcomes is right here, right now.

How is happiness defined in the world? It is an effect of your perception. If you perceive through the ego-mind a fearful perception is what you get. If you perceive through the Holy Spirit, God promise can work, and happiness is guaranteed. 

A happy outcome to all things is sure.

You are forever loved.