Imagination makes it possible for us to form images, ideas and sensations in our mind that is not part of the reality we currently experience. In the world some would call it a silly mindgame for dreamers.

But the truth is that imagination is a tool of creation whenever you allow what you imagine to become your desire. 

Your imagination is triggered by questions. You ask a question, and imagination shows you a possible answer. 

The question is triggered by inspiration. You get inspired and the questions comes up; how would it be if? Imagination answers; it paints the pictures, imitates the sounds, shows the people and lets you feel the emotions. Imagination almost gives you the whole experience so you can be specific in what you want to experience. 

If you go into that experience, if you join with that imagination, you have made it your desire to experience it. And you have formulated a desire for the universe to fulfill. 

But if your mind rejects the imagination your new desire now becomes not to experience it. And even that desire will be fulfilled. 

You are free to reject anything your mind comes up with, because you are free to have whatever you want.  You see? It’s not possible not to have a desire. Your desires creates the world, so you can imagine to be happy and abundant and make that your desire, or you can desire not to be one who is happy and abundant. Both are totally valid desires and both will be fulfilled as you wish. 

There is no limit to what you can imagine, because there is no limit in what you can create and experience. The limits are only ideas in your mind, and one way to release those ideas is to notice that surrendering to imagination works.

So when you receive the inspiration allow yourself to surrender to the imagination of it, and make that imagination your desire. See it, feel it, be it.