Joining is to become one

Joining is to become One.
Whatever you join,  you become.

To join with another soul, is to become that soul.
To feel what she feels, to think what she thinks,
and to experience what she is experiencing.

You are joined with your idea of the body.
That is what you are experiencing, 
that is what you are thinking,
and that is what you are feeling.

But you cannot join with an image in your mind.
You cannot join with what is not there, and so you have
joined with an illusion. 

The body is there. Like others ideas in your mind,
it is perfect and becomes manifest in your experience.

But the body you experience, and have joined with, is a
distorted image of your perfect idea.
Distorted by suffering, sickness and bodily needs. 

Join with God, and the body can be like it was created; 
a perfect idea in the mind of God.