What if you could see like Jesus did?

What if you could see like Jesus did?

How would you perceive your world, if you could see it through his mind?

To see is to perceive, and to perceive is to decide what it is you look upon.
What you see, is always a decision, because it is seen through your perception.

Perception is storytelling, not truth. Truth is seeing without perception, without any story.
But that is not how our mind works. We always see through a story.
To see in truth, we must see without any stories.

But this is incomprehensible to the mind because it is used to “see” through perception.
And you, the seer, believes this is how you see. You believe you are seeing in truth. And thus do you not question your beliefs about truth, you simply accept your perception, your story, as truth. And why would you ask to see the truth if you believe that you already have it?

But look at your world, and the way you interact with it, as if you were Jesus.
Would it be different? What would be different?

Would your conclusions be different?
Would your reactions be different?
Would you see everything in another way?

Jesus is the representation of innocence in the world. The one who saw everything in truth. The one who saw beyond all the ideas of guilt, sickness, lack and hate. He was the one who saw everything with love. 

How would your world be if you saw only love,  and your only answer to anything was love and nothing else but love?