Who guides you?

Are you living your life based on other peoples expectations? Are you guided by what you believe other people want from you? Does it make you happy?

Which guide are you following?

We come into this world with a purpose, something we are here to learn and to do. We also have a guidingsystem leading us through the proces of learning and into living our purpose here. We all have this guidingsystem, we are all guided.

But most of us loose the connection to the guidingsystem when we are children. Very early in our life we learn that if we make our parents happy, they will give us love. And if we don’t they are not happy, and we don’t feel loved. This becomes a pattern of chasing love and acceptance, that we bring with us into adulthood. We have learnt that we must please other people to be loved, and we cannot be happy without love.

Saying no

To many people saying no is not possible. A no becomes and attack, it’s a rejection, and if you reject them they won’t love you. With this belief you become a slave of pleasing and you will spend your life chasing happiness by doing what you believe other people expect of you.

But does this make you happy? Are you happy? What if you could say no and still be happy?

Find the guidingsystem

You can only be truly happy in this world if your are following your guidance and fulfilling your purpose. You are not here to chase love, you are here to love.   When you are living your purpose you become love. You are content and happy, and you know that you are supported, you know that you are love. 

You no longer seek love - you give it.

This is how you should live. 

To learn more about this watch my Youtube-video "Are you afraid to say no?". If you want to know how to find your purpose, join my free online seminar "Find your special purpose in life"