You are free

Your Son is free, my Father. Let me not imagine I have bound him with the laws I made to rule the body (w-277).

We seem to be bound by all kinds of laws in the world and in the body.

The body must be fed, it needs to sleep, it must be exercised, it can get sick and it can die. The world has even more laws. Physic laws, monetary laws, rules of conduct, and rules made by something called “common sense”. 

All these laws must be obeyed or we must suffer the consequences. Our life is filled with rules that must be obeyed, and we spend most of our time trying to obey them.

In truth there is only one law; the law of love, Gods law. All other laws are made by your beliefs and is reflected out in the body and the world. But since you have denied your role as creator of the world you see, you think all these laws were made by the world and that you have to submit to them. You see yourself as a victim of these laws.

But every law or rule that seems to control your life. Every rule you think is real for the body. Every rule you think is real for the world. All these rules are nothing but beliefs in the mind of the creator of this world; you.

You are free. Only Gods law of love is real, and that law simply says that the Son of God is free and forever loved.

Look at your beliefs. Question the rules. Does the Son of God really have to submit to these laws?

You are under no law but Gods! You only accept your beliefs as rules because you do not question them.